One Step Beyond,Wizards of Radical,Static 3 and more.Each part a near classic in style and trick selection. Probably one of the most unique styles in skating, You don't need a photo caption or opening title to tell you who you are watching skating.You can't copy him. He floats. We were lucky enough to do a little something with him. Here is catching up with Nate..


Ok , So why a guest board with Northern Co?

Bryan Botelho reached out to me asking if I'd be interested in doing a guest board with you guys. Of course I was into it. I've always been a fan of Bryan and his skating. I instantly thought back to the time that he, Jesse Narvaez and a couple of others were driving Matt Fields car back up to SF from a trade show. 

They ended up staying at my place and we skated for a day or so. It was apart one of those magically nostalgic few weeks to a month that happen from time to time but not so often. Jeremy Holmes and Kurt Winter had been staying with me and Jeremy mentioned that Bryan and a few other were headed 

from SD to LA and needed a place to stay for the night. I made a little video of it:

What have you been up to since leaving Roger? And was it difficult to change your lifestyle to a more "normal" one ? 

I've been working as a full Time driver for UPS. The transition wasn't too difficult. I needed more financial stability and UPS provided that. 

  Photo: Ben Colen

  Photo: Ben Colen

 Nate and his real truck. 

 Nate and his real truck. 

Talk about the two graphics a little bit. What's the relation to the smoky God and delivery trucks to you? 

 It's pretty straight forward, The Smoky God is one of my favorite books and now that I'm a delivery driver I thought it would be nice to have a delivery truck as a graphic 

no comply 180 photo:  Tamara Lichtenstein

no comply 180 photo: Tamara Lichtenstein

What are your early influences? Favorite videos etc…Skating or otherwise.

I was around 6 or 7 when I first started to see skating on television  the Nickalodeon show " skate TV.''   I didn't have a board at the time so I would just pretend by running around doing 180's of curbs an what not pretending I had one underneath me. 

Then my older sisters boy friend at the time let me borrow "Video Days" and thats all I'd ever watch over and over after school. My cousin James gave me my first real skateboard and introduced me to the second video I ever watched. Birdhouse "RAVERS.''

Those are two heavy videos for sure. Any parts particular from those videos that made you want to skate a certain way or realize there was more to it then just tricks? I feel like the videos early on that we watch have a crazy influence on our own personal skating later in life. 

         I remember wanting to watch each video in it's entirety. Every part was gold and each person displayed a different aspect of my new found love. I think I felt like I could relate to Guys part in Video days at first just because he looked like I could be around his age at the time. Ah man but the beginning of Guys part... The way the skating sounded... the sound of a crisp snap on marble and the sound of the wheels just before MJ kicks in. The music was just important as the people that skated to it. When I was in school Id always be humming someones part to myself picturing  doing their tricks. I still watch Jeremy Kleins part from RAVERS all the time. I've always wanted to film a line with a front smith BS 180 out like he was trying at the beginning of his part. 

Yes, Jeremy Klein's part was way ahead of time. Get that trick !! Were there any skaters you looked up to or learned any “rules of the trade “ from? If so any good stories from that?

Haha, Yeah my Cousin Jamie introduced me to everything in the beginning. He was like my older brother. He wouldn't let me go to the skate park of Houston with him until I learned how to kickflip. So I learned em and he said "okay so there are a couple of rules you have to go by when you go to the park, you can't snake anyone and you can't vibe anyone". Of course 8 year old me had no idea what either one of those were.Once details were  explained,the privilege of going to the skate park began.  

Kickflip  photo:  Tamara Lichtenstein

Kickflip  photo: Tamara Lichtenstein

Ha, Ya it definitely is a whole other world when you start.Fast forward a bit, What is the most enjoyable aspect of working on a video part to you?

It's definitely the dynamic between you, the person you're filming with, and the kind of lines or tricks along with the music you'd like to have in the video part you're working towards. It was always a fluid and easy process working with Josh. It works best with people you'd get along with even if skateboarding  wasn't in the picture. 

Any interesting stories while filming for that project ? It seemed like there was quite a bit of traveling etc.. and it looked like everyone in the video actually skated together at some point during it. It's rare to see that today in videos..   

Well, a day or so before Josh and I were supposed to leave for Israel, there was a bombing in Tel Aviv. I was ultra nervous and thought about skipping out on that part of the trip. 

Were there any crazy/interesting stories around trying to skate in Israel once there? Also if Israel was the sketchiest place to go what was the most enjoyable?

Yeah, It was pretty crazy traveling around in Israel with all the military around... carrying assault rifles with them. I felt like I was walking around an Indiana Jones movie in Jerusalem. All the small alleys were draped with colorful cloths and lots of people. We went to the western wall where people go to pray and stick their wish into one of the cracks of the holy wall. Every place we visited was enjoyable. 

That sounds like def a cultural shock of shorts to see all that.Mustn't feel real at the time.Most people look to that Static 3 part as almost a classic now. How does that make you feel that people hold that part in such high regards ? Is it too much pressure to try and do that again?

Its an incredible and uplifting feeling. I could not have done it without Josh. 

Do you keep in touch with anyone from that time period?

No, I wish I did. The only form of contact I really have with any of those guys I through Instagram.

 Lastly, besides working what are your other interests?Most skaters have other things they are into like drawing,music etc..

Well, work takes up a great portion of my time. I leave the house around 7:45am and on average I'll get home around 9 sometimes 10pm leaving the weekend to relax and spend time with my wife. The thing I look forward to the most are my vacation weeks where Tamara and I can pick a place with beautiful ocean water to travel to,swim and enjoy our life together. Sometimes Ill draw and build some stuff with wood.

Do you ever feel the need for one more part ? Like one last big push

I think about it from time to time. I'm not sure how realistic the notion is, but I'd love to try.

Totally understandable. But I think you could pull it off man. Door is always open here. Thanks for letting us do this Nate.I think people will be happy to see your name on a board again. We are super proud to get these boards out there and put this little thing together.

*photo credit rolling left to right: "Big Brother interview" Jeff Taylor , John Coulthard,Travis Howell,Ian O'Connor