PORtland Excursion

Camping in the woods about 30 mins from the city of Portland and drive in every morning in and skate for little over a week.Our first journey with most of crew in tow.Many thanks to Tim  sacrificing his van and Zach for showing us the ropes of Portland.


Jam had no idea what he was trying to do at this spot. He ended up by accident tapping the fence. Once we saw that though, we told him he had to get it for real. He has the ability to do shit that is no possible for most.

Mike No comply Tailslide.Tim almost got arrested for this because he was standing on the edge of a highway overpass when a cop rolled by to get the shot. 


Jesse with nose jam almost every try at this spot

Bryan coming through with some real magic here. Floater Ollie over your head. I cant explain how hard this spot was to skate.

BB smooth switch front wall ride at a classic Portland spot.


Tobin skated every spot and did his hair every morning,his tent would also collapse in on itself pretty regularly every night.This front 180 is wild.The bump is barely a bump.

all Photography : Tim Dodson